Music daemon
Music daemon 0.0.4 released Sun Oct 31 21:42:23 EET 2004

This release adds support for Win32 platform with cygwin and native support. Also many nasty crash/deadlock bugs were corrected. Some feature updates too, for complete list read the ChangeLog.

Exploit about musicd reported in bugtraq Tue Aug 24 15:20:43 EEST 2004

There was a posting in bugtraq reporting a /etc/shadow stealer / DoS Exploit. This requires musicd to be running as root and open to the world. Since musicd has no authentication, I suggest not running musicd as root nor keeping it open to the world (use firewall or only UNIX-domain sockets).

A small shellscript for making use of musicd little easier Sat Nov 29 03:46:35 EET 2003

There are currently no real frontend for musicd, but to make things easier, I'm adding a small shellscript to the download page. This script is not meant to be good or complete, but I've used it myself and should be better than just netcat or telnet. The script requires netcat to be installed.

The project is still alive Sat Nov 29 03:06:07 EET 2003

It has been a very long time since the last release, but the project is still alive. I've just been lazy haven't coded musicd too much. But now there is a new release. This release is focused to make musicd more usable. We have a configfile and make install now actually works. There are also new features and some bugfixes. For more detailed information see the ChangeLog.

Music daemon 0.0.2 released Mon Jul 14 08:00:23 EEST 2003

This is the second release of musicd and should fix many of 0.0.1's bugs. Musicd should now compile on Linux and Solaris. Also the new configure should detect which libraries are installed and skip plugins, when libraries are not found. For more detailed information see the ChangeLog.

First release more broken than expected Wed Jul 9 20:49:35 EEST 2003

The first release had a problem with libraries that support IPv6 and kernel that does not. There is a patch to correct this problem or you can download the whole source. If there are problems with this patch or with any other problems like this, please let me know.

Music daemon 0.0.1 released and project in sourceforge opened Wed Jul 9 01:06:09 EEST 2003

This is the first ever public release of music daemon. Music daemon is a server for playing audio files. Musicd support different formats through plugins quite similiar to XMMS's ones.

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