Music daemon


Music daemon (musicd) is music player designed to run as a independent server where different frontend can connect to control the play or get information about what is playing etc.

Musicd supports plugins to enable playing of different audioformats. The plugin-api is quite similiar to one that the popular XMMS uses. Currently XMMS-plugins are not directly supported, but if I find the time, I'll make a meta-plugin to support them.

But why a server?

The first reason to make the player a server is to make it possible to use many different frontends and even at the same time. You can use a GUI if you like them, but anything it can do, can be done from commandline too.

The second reason is to make sure that the GUI or X does not crash the whole player. I have found that many software with a GUI tend to crash. With musicd the player is unaffected by this and you can just start the frontend again.


Here is a small list of features musicd has, if you have any suggestions don't hesitate to tell me about them.

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